Ryan "The Lion" Madigan
DOB - 4/2/1977
From - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Current Pro Record: 5-2

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Personal Info

Favorite Food - Smoked Salmon
Favorite Movie - Man on Fire
Favorite Band or CD - Limp Bizkit, Tupac
Favorite TV show - The Bachelor
Person you respect the most - Coach Lorenzo Scott
Biggest Fear - none
As a kid, I always wanted to be a _______ - Pro Kickboxer
Favorite Fighter - Pete "Sugar Foot" Cunningham
True or False - The MMA will eventually become a mainstream sport - TRUE, I feel that Kickboxing will eventually become mainstream and hopefully MMA will follow closely behind.

Kickboxing Accomplishments

Kickboxing Muay Thai record 28-6
toughman/badass record 17-1
World Combat League 5-2
MMA 5-3
*18-2 as an amateur
*OKC Light Heavyweight Champion
*PKC Light Middleweight Champion
*Current IKF East Coast Middleweight Champion


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